Monday, September 26, 2011

Brownlow 2011: Swan 45 Touches. Let's See What Happens.

So do you get three votes when you have 45 touches? Let's see. Waiting for the votes. Waiting.. Waiting... Judd moves to 17. Waiting... Mitchell onto 24. Ablett onto 19. Waiting... Dal Santo 24.... Waiting... Swan... 3 votes! And the lead on I think 24.

Round 20. I watched this Collingwood v Port 168 point win at the Rose. It was apparently the last time I'll have the mixed grill at the Rose because all my mates have finally pulled the pin on it. Judd catching up on 20. Demetrio struggled with T Mzungu. Was very funny. Swan on 26. Mitchell on 27. He can't win. This is already an equal record for an ineligible player.

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