Monday, September 20, 2010

Footy's Night Of Nights: The Filler Doesn't End

The ads are long. The interviews are long. The montages are long. The sponsored betting interview touts are long. And then Demetrio speeds through reading the votes. There's no wonder we, the people, have complete and utter contempt for commercial tv stations.

R15 and Band of Horses do the montage music. There was a time I would've given a toss. Ah, Ben Cousins has his tongue out. He looks smashed. Well, no he doesn't. That's what you would expect a 'blogger' to say. Swan got votes.

R16 was the week when we, Collingwood killed St Kilda. I will be looking at the tapes later this week. Demetrio said Johncock. Daisy gets his third vote. Alan moves to 8 and Swan to 18. Demetrio is stalling for dramatic effect. How droll. More ads. I'm sure Channel Ten are teetering on the edge of plaing too many ads. Nothing happens if they do though.

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