Monday, September 20, 2010

Footy's Night Of Nights: The Brownlow Round 1-5

R1 and Demetrio is reading really fast. He sounds like how your mother would sound if she rang you on the set of The Muppets. Real fast. It was all a blur. I think Harry O'Brien got a vote and Garry Gary Ablett got a vote or something. I don't know but slow the fark down Mr Demmy Demmy Demetrio.

R2 and he's not getting any slower. He's got faster. I think Pendlebury got two votes. It's ridiculous. He talks so fast and then we get a montage. Well, we haven't got one yet but I think we'll have at least 90.

The betting ads and updates are skating close to the ethical edge.

R3 I missed. It was all a blur.

R4 Dane Swan onto 5 votes and so is GG Ablett. They're both behind someone on 9 votes. I'd tell you who it was but I couldn't understand a word.

R5 and he won't slow down. Pendles onto 7 votes. Sandilands on 12 and leading by a long way. The next is Jonathon Brown. Quarterbrain just made a joke apparently. And now for montage #1. Soemhting about best moments of the decade or some.ajfskkkkkkkkkkkk ....

I fell asleep at the keybored.

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