Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'd Give One Of Me Balls To...

Often while listening to music I close my eyes and imagine if it was me singing said song to a fervently attentive audience at The Continental (now a footballers' haunt).

I'd give one of me balls to skat like Kurt Elling, tap dance like the Nicholas brothers, finger pick like Matt Walker, croon like Tom Waits or play and sing Big Star's Watch the Sunrise live.

Australian Idol contestant, Wes Carr always wanted to Michael Jackson dance on national TV. I mean, who doesn't?

Last Sunday his dream came true.

And it was fricken fantastic.


Matthew said...

Content only available to Australian residents, racists. I thought Obama was going to stop this kind of thing.

Glenn said...

That's a travesty!

I'll try to find a mirror.

Glenn said...


Now it works for all the world to see, complete with preamble and Jermaine Jackson, yes Jermaine Jackons, going gah gah and giving out a touchdown.

Matthew said...

Nice one, let the good times roll.