Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brownlow: Television and Football's Night of Nights: Back to the Votes

All the showbag contents have been eaten and I'm getting edgy. Round 15 montage and we won't see votes from Ablett for a few weeks. Pendles gets his 4th vote. That's what happens if you're not prepared to run hard and make hard decisions etc. Geelong players stealing votes from each other. Simon Black clear leader by four. He will win.

Round 16. None of the favorites near it. No votes for the Pies this round. Brent Harvey's wife shouldn't sit like that. Judd gets his 10th vote. RICHO IS ON 19! Four behind Black.

Urgent report from Melissa at the bogue fashions desk.
FASHION FAUX PAS ALERT!!! Sandra Sulley is wearing the dress Shelly Craft wore to the Logies this year. AARRGGGHHH!!!
Sandra. That is a disgrace.

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