Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Stuff You America And Your Exciting Super Bowl Finish, Australia Does Sporting Drama Best

You won't see a more gripping ending to this one at the inaugural World Handball Championships.

Just as Allan Jeans, Tom Hafey and Peter MacKenna are about to stage an all out barney over Barney's hit on Neville Bruns behind play, Jack Dyer puts all grudges into perspective with a well timed Bertocchi Hams presentation.

You won't catch Laurence O'Toole!

Celebrate World Of Sport here.


Leefe said...

Well, I'm not sure the first two really count as Australian. Or Australia as a whole at least. More a particular southern state. And I was going to say something about tools for the last one, but though I best leave it alone. :)

Anonymous said...

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