Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What Late Night Pay TV Taught Me

Neil Young recently had a brain aneurysm.

Spellcheck tells me I nailed the word, aneurysm first time.

Emmylou Harris looks like a doll.

A pretty but disturbing lookin' doll.

Neil Young's lovely old Martin guitar was first owned by Hank Williams.

When doing Harvest Moon, Neil gets an old guy on stage to sweep a broom on a doormat as some sort of percussive instrument.

In some parts of Uzbekistan when you give a cot as a gift to a newly married couple, it's customary to include a bedpan which goes under the cot.

A homemade, wooden catheter leading down to the bedpan must be added to the baby's new urinary ensemble.

Uzbek babies don't do nappies at night.

I got the spelling of Uzbekistan right on my second attempt.

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