Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mess+Noise Twerp Not Into "Popcorn Flicks"

Here's a great little discourse from the Mess and Noise discussion pages I had with a dim little twerp named entroducing....
Subject: favourite international films

said 33 minutes ago

i'm about to go on a shopping spree for a birthday present, on dvd's on ebay, specifically ones you wouldnt usually find in your average blockbuster etc etc.

I'm specifically interested in asian (south korean and japanese), european and independent american film.

So to build up a good shopping list, list some of your favourite films of the independent/arthouse/old favourites that might fall into this category here.

I'll get the list started with a few suggestions to give the idea of what i might be after

* Werner Herzog/Klaus Kinski box set
* Infernal Affairs 1/2
* A Bittersweet life
* Down By Law
* 3 Iron
* Vengeance is mine

said 22 minutes ago:

Bachelor Party


Don's Party

You can get either for under $15. There's Porky's/Bachelor Party set for about $10.

said 17 minutes ago:

thanks nightwatchman but im not really after popcorn flicks. not that there is anything wrong with them. more after peoples favourite innovative world cinema.

said 8 minutes ago:

I just laughed so much I shat.

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