Thursday, August 02, 2007

Share With Us Your Painful Ebay Stories

Ebay's not new anymore.

We've all had good and bad experiences with it so let's share.

My most disturbing was years ago when me and me girly at the time decided we'd treat ourselves to a digital camera for Christmas.

After a month of research I found a Kodak in Fort Lauderdale in the United States for about half the price you could squeeze out of the dodgy fellas on Elizabeth Street.

We were so thrilled when the camera beat the Christmas post rush and arrived on the door two days before the big day. It was early in the digital days so we were ridiculously excited, taking hundreds of photos of our cat before lunchtime.

Ran out of room on the memory card so I looked to see if there was room on the camera's on-board hard drive to hold photos.

"Hold on, there's already a photo on this."

"What is it. Let's have a look!"


A photo of the proud seller's cock.


And you could see his nerd stuff like hard drives, keyboards, printers and shit in the background.

Rang my sister to ask how we could wash a camera.

"Just wipe the lens with tissue and lens cleaner."


We declined to leave negative feedback.

Leave a comment in the comments thingy down there and we can work through our Ebay trauma together.

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