Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm In A Geelong State Of Mind

On finding the Facebook group, I Wish I Lived in New York City.. I Belong There, I was inspired.

Not to move to New York City.

Oh no, anything but.

I was inspired to start my own Facebook group, I Wish I Lived in Geelong City.. I Belong There.

Join up today and we can pine for The Lyric nightclub, the express bus to Waurn Ponds, the tough Geelong Mall kids and the lovely job they've done on Eastern Beach.

Geelong Geelong a wonderful town!


Richo said...

How about the clock/temperature sign on the silo that is always wrong?

The friendly police?

The potential for getting bashed in the street on a Saturday night?

The fact that the local population still point at aeroplanes?

Oh the memories......

btw, the word verification for this post "griym"....says it all really

Glenn said...

Ah, the friendly police...

Nice lockup in the new cop-shop though!

Stan Lee said...

Given the Pies have started to wobble of late, it looks suspiciously to me like you're about to jump on the Cats' bandwagon. Surely not!?

Glenn said...


Not even a soft spot for the team.

It's a family thing.

Kathryn said...

After that last comment I am erasing my soft spot for the Pies

Glenn said...

I suggest an ointment!

Glenn said...

Keep a lid on it!