Monday, June 04, 2007

Mad Skillz World Cup 2007

Our representative from the USA, Dan Dzoan with his world record, 17.9 second, one-handed Rubik's Cube solve. Later in the day Dan missed out on breaking the Razzle Dazzle endorsed, one-handed newspaper scrunching world record by less than a second.

From Japan, Bob McKenzie and Harry Fitzpatrick and their unforgettable rally in the 1993 Fukuoka Regionals semi final. I was there and boy, it was a terrific game.

Sweden's Niclas Ceder banging home an almost perfect 99.75 per cent on the stupidly hard Uber Rave DDR machine. Niclas lists the Nicholas Brothers, Glynn Nicholas and Saint Nicholas as the four blokes he'd love to invite to his bungalow for a dinner party.

"Ordemmysanchuabake! Ordemmysanchuabake! Ordemmysanchuabake!" were the cries from the commentator when Japan's Terrance McPhee succeeded in his world record trampoline basketball dunk.

South Korea's Aichi Jones spins around 89280 degrees on his head. Jones advises that to keep from getting dizzy it's best to close your eyes and think intently of puppy dogs wearing silly hats.

And the winner is....

Australia and Macedonia's Peter Daicos!

Daics can do all the crazy stuff the other competitors from Japan, USA, Sweden and South Korea do, but every time he goes to upload his trick videos to YouTube, he finds his kids have yet again exceeded the family's monthly internet bandwidth limit.

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