Thursday, June 14, 2007

M&N Scrabblefest Grand Final Day

Apparently I'm the 'Scrabble Wizard'.
tabula rasa said 3 days ago:

It's on! The Melbourne final will be held in Cobra (upstairs at the Tote) on Thursday 14th with a "kickoff" between 7 & 7:30pm. All those interested are most welcome to attend. Will the newcomer (me) be able to take on the Scrabble wizard? Be there to find out!

Come and watch me play the Melbourne Final of the Mess & Noise '07 Scrabblefest. Win tonight and I'm off to Sydney to play a bloke called Hillsonghoods to win the whole thing.

The pundits hyped and feared me from early on in the two month competition. Admittedly I've had an easy run and yes, I've probably played more scrabs than most people in the comp but I could pick up three U's and four I's in my first go.

Anyway, I've heard this Tabula Rasa bloke has stupidly resilient concentration, and from our negotiations over time and venue it's become apparent he's into boardgames in a big way.

Tote tonight.

There will be a crowd.

My cheersquad won the toss and will be barracking from the Victoria Park end of the Cobra Bar.

Lazy bastards couldn't be arsed making a banner.


Glenn said...

I choked.


Clare said...

oh no!

Anonymous said...

I went to the match and it was, without a doubt the most excruciating FOUR hours of my life. Excuciating in the true sense of the word,(as if I was hanging from a cross, watching this train wreck). How can two grown men waste so much time on trivial things? Oh well, I'm off to do the cryptic crossword!!

Nicholas x