Friday, June 29, 2007

It Could Have Happened To Anyone

So I'm out on the turps with me workmates and we find ourselves at Bar 20. Hard on the piss, it's getting towards one and most of them go soft and reckon it's time to go cos we've all got to go to Queensland in the morning. Soft cocks, fuck 'em. So I'm staying with one or two guys from one of our enemy companies, talking shop and getting hard on it.

20's fucked. Alright, let's go to Spearmint Rhino. And we get there and there's a few friends of friends around and everyone seems to know us and shit, these Jager Bombs are going down well. Real well. And there's two big bastards who reckon they know us. I'm not complaining cos they know the strippers too and besides there's drinks being shoved in my hands from all angles. Private room? Whatever. I'm getting tired now. Gotta get to the airport early in a few hours.

So the funny bastard big blokes reckon they're going to kick on somewhere else and they'd drop me off on the way and we get into his black Merc and fuck, how fast is he driving. I've had too much and nah, I gotta get home sorry mate all right just one at yer mates' place but I gotta get back. Mate's place is a fucking dragon's lair. Compound. Big get fucked fence, razor ribbon the works.

And then things really get out of hand.

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