Monday, May 07, 2007

NW's Footy Comeback Dream Shattered

Another torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament has ripped apart my dream to return to amateur football this year (and maybe again).

I was due to return to my beloved Bloods reserve grade team this Saturday but no, instead I will be going on a big bike ride to get ready for yet another fricken knee reconstruction.

I ran and rode so many kilometers, did hundreds of sit-ups and even mucked about with weights in the preseason only to get my ACL ripped while paying for a ticket on a tram.


My notoriously bad luck is starting to get dangerous. Stay the hell away from me if you're scared of black cats, ladders and unlucky underpants.


Stan Lee said...

I reckon that parking spot out front of the London tavern could be coming in pretty handy this weekend.

Glenn said...

And for the rest of the year!

Alison said...

"only to get my ACL ripped while paying for a ticket on a tram."
Sounds like a post in itself...

Glenn said...

I would write it up but the trama, I mean trauma of that awful night in St Vincent's Emergency is still far too raw.

mr.fink said...

oh no!
who will bring the bloods oranges now?

or is that your netball team?
i'm confused.
i thought you played scrabble [tm]