Monday, April 16, 2007

Fighting Dire With Fire

On Friday the 13th my lovely big ibook went blank. Rang all Melbourne's official and authorised Apple fixeruppers and they agreed on the one thing.

The logic board was stuffed and the fix will cost about the same as buying a new computer. Oh, we have a few second hand ibooks in stock for about $700 if you're interested.


Checked the internets and it turns out the fixeruppers weren't bullshitting. This happens regularly to G3 ibooks and because a new logic board costs upwards of seven million dollars, disgruntled ibook owners happily start again and buy a new one.

However, there are a few dissenters.

Some geeks found a fix to the faulty logic board.

It involved fire.

Apparently the fault is that the solder used to stick the logic board (which does all the graphics) to the main board comes unstuck a little after a couple of years.

Their solution was to SET FIRE TO THE LOGIC BOARD which melts and revitalizes the solder underneath.

So I call my tech enthusiast cousin.

"Wanna set fire to my ibook? I heard it fixes it."

"Sure. Sounds fun."

So we opened the ibook up and set fire to the logic board with the blowtorch my mum uses to make creme brulee.

Closed the computer up (Which took ages. Fricken screws!) and pressed the button.


This is the finest piece of computer geekery I've ever been involved in.


miaow said...

I am violently impressed! True geekery!w

Alison said...

Finally, a really good reason to buy an ibook.