Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cockhead Footy Sexism Must Stop

Cockheads, not cokeheads ruining our game

Spent the weekend listening to a lot of footy on the radio and just sat through the new train crash Channel 9 show, Footy Classified and sheesh, I'm angry.


The fuckwit and gutter journo pictured, Craig Hutchison is the worse. The way he belittled her during Footy Classified was bullying at its most puerile. He was almost as bad on 3AW.

And it's quite obvious most of the bullying from Hutchison and many other footy blokes comes from the SAD IN THEIR SAD LITTLE MINDS' FACT, that Caroline Wilson is female.

Wilson is a great journalist- The Age's chief footy writer for the past eight years for frick's sake. She writes well and breaks stories. Has been for years, covering her first Commonwealth Games for The Age when Hutchison was in primary school.

Face it fellas.

Anyone notice that half of all match reports in both Melbourne newspapers are written by women?

Women watch, know, write and speak about footy.....well.

Now deal with it and start treating Caro with the respect she more than deserves.

And if anyone wants to comment on her braces and lippy, fuck.... look at "Hutchie's" dodgy lookin' scone.

My mum got it right tonight when she said he looks like "a snake".

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