Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Love You Sophie, You Are Really Tops

Found some old magazines I used to write in.

Here's a review of one of the best shows I've ever been to.

(Festival Hall)

I went to see Bardot at the Festival Hall and it was really good. I like the yellow hair one called Sophie because she dressed up in Mummy's clothing and sang happy birthday to the fat man with the hair on his face. The fat man with the hair on his face liked it a lot, his smile was funny.

Before the Bardots came on stage, me and all the other kids screamed very loud. I screamed loud and yelled "I love you Sophie, you are really tops!" My mummy said that the kids screaming and the funny smell would have been same as the Festival Hall when Beatles and Peter, Paul, Tom, Dick and Mary were there in the olden days.

Bardot were really good and there was this one time, this one time when all the Bardots wore Tiffany's hats and she said that they stole the hats. They gave her the hats and then sang my favourite song Poison. I like Poison when they say "Don't treat me bad. Don't treat me bad, my glove fell in the ocean."

I like boats.

One day I am going to the ocean on a boat.

Bardot are good dancers. I don't really like the Katie one. She talks too much and doesn't wear pretty dresses.

Bardot play lots of slow songs in their concerts. I don't really like slow songs. I like the man playing guitar in the Bardot show. His guitar made twiddly twiddly noises. I like the pretty lights. Bardot are better than Freddo Frogs. I like the strawberry ones.

- Glenn Peters (aged 27)

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