Friday, March 09, 2007

Dinking As Modern Art

Good lookin' Melbourne hipsters who weren't at the fashion festival were doing blockies at a an art launch/installation thing last night.

Local artist, Lane Cormick gave many of his fancy dressed mates dinks around the block. In a room upstairs from where this photo was taken was a scrawled note of explanation.

Something about how when he was a young roustabout, he would hear local folklore about an older hoodlum who dared to ride his unregistered trail bike into Melbourne's CBD.

After so many years, last night was Cormick's chance recreate the legend by giving his mates illegal dinks around the city streets.

And he did so without being caught by the fuzz!


Alexia said...

Lane is my homie.

Being an American, I have no idea what "dinking" is, except that it has something to do with riding a motorbike. Anyone care to explain? Thanks!

Glenn said...

Hi Alexia.

When you give someone a ride on the back of your bike you are giving them a 'dink'.

A very popular pastime when I grew up in the 70's and 80's.

I preferred to be dinked on the pushbike's front handlebars than share the seat or sit on the crossbars.