Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What Some Keanu Fan Did During New Years'

What were you doing on New Years' Day at 3.23am?

I was riding my bike through the city on my way home after a big night on the turps.

Yet Maddie (pictured) from somewhere in the US was busy leaving a 406 word comment on my 2005 story about Keanu Reeves.

Here's the gist.

I always hear someone say. well this man really isnt a great actor. i have seen some of his work and own a great mojority of his movies. and the one i think is kinda weird and gay lol is johnny nemonic. not because of keanu. his acting was swell in that movie. i just dont like movies that are similiar to something like total recal. its to much. i think movies about the future should be saved for the future. well not now a days they really made things alot more beliveable since 2000 but before when they were making movies about the future it was ridiculos. i cant wait to see the night watchman.
And here's my favorite bit.

keanu is an excellent actor and he can plan any modde or emotion and can cry really well. in devils advocate he didnt try to get the cute little cry face. he look so funny. the real face that you would see when a person suffers a tragic moment such as the one he did in the movie.

It seems Maddie's got some pull in the Keanu fan community (yes, that's what they call themselves). Over 150 other fans came to read her comment in the couple of hours afterwards.

They're gone now.

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