Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Stan Lee in his tip top advertising blog, Brand DNA 'tagged' me yesterday.

Tagging is a bit like a blog-nerd's chain letter. He tells his readers about me and four others, I do the same for another five, those people do the same for five more and eventually the world implodes.

But first I gotta tell you five things you didn't already know about me.

Most of you already know that my dad invented the handbag. Yawn. But I bet you didn't know my grandfather on me mum's side chopped off one of his fingers to win a bet.

Today Paul is my favorite Beatle for his lovely singing in Blackbird. My favorite yesterday and the day before was George. I reckon the weekend's going to be a big one for Ringo.

My proudest musical moment was the night I smuggled a harmonica into the holding cells of the big Geelong cop shop to play an arse-quaking-ly sad version of Love In Vain.

If I drink more than one drink at the football I get nervous and irritable. I've been known to swear even.

I'd do almost anything right now to get a full time advertising gig. Yes, anything.

Now to point you to five o' the more interesting local blogs I'm reading presently. The ladies at Handmadelife, Miaow The Cat and Woozlewazzle lead far more interesting lives than my own. So do the fellas at Ett liv i exil and Corkintheocean. I'd include Geni's blog but it seems to have disappeared.


Stan Lee said...

Not bad for a Collingwood supporter. Stan x

Gen said...

oooh oooh, include mine! http://gen.synthetique.org :)

Beck said...

Why Glennis I didn't know you cared!
Most chuffed with the props but really it's not that we have such interesting lives, we just don't know how to say no and talk ourselves up a lot...