Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Nightwatchman's Year: Pt 3

Final of the three part series.

Sure, you're all bored of hearing about it but early in September big buddy, Adam Liddiard and I came third in a big advertising competition. Here's a picture of us holding our winning ad and here's a B&T article about our big day.

September is only about two things: Shorts weather and football. The Pies dudded out early in the finals but my other team, The Bloods won the VAFA A Grade premiership. Got drenched in cheap champagne in the rooms after the game. Brilliant day.

It was also a big month for Willie Nelson, Naomi Robson and Perry Farrell's disturbing looking wife.

In October we met the mad as a stick bloke who writes all the questions in Trivial Pursuit and an even more insane blogger who listened to We Built This City on repeat for 24 hours.

I gave a lot of advice to Nightwatchman readers in October. Most valuable was my Five Bogan Business Ventures To Quit Your Day Job For And Start Watching The Money Roll In! and how to deal with your Ipod's love of Steely Dan but I couldn't give any advice to Timo, the hapless rally driver.

A new world record scrabble score of 830 was made in November but I reckon the game was iffy. So was the result in the 2006 Oaks Day Myer Fashions On The Field National Final tm. I was sure Vicky Hislop of Wanthaggi was a dead cert!

Also notable were my ten things I'd rather do than endure another Australian Idol grand final, my local Family First freak, Noel Gallagher and my hate of all things 1980's.

But best of all, on November 24, 2006 I hit my creative zenith by designing a new cover for Virginia Woolf's classic novel, The Waves.

There is nothing more I can do.

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