Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Nightwatchman's Year: Pt 2

Second in a three part series....

Dreams coming true all over the place in May. I visit New York for the first time, win a dodgy framed plaque at a big scrabble tournament, see Paul Keating drinking in a pub and later proclaim writers' block is a bunch of arse.

May wasn't all about me. Nick Jones got interviewed on ABC TV by Michael Veitch, the Geelong Football Club choked, Stella Zanutta got stuck in her bathroom and a very cool frog took us to the Butterfly Ball.

All hilarity until Grant McLennan died.


June was The Nightwatchman's biggest ever month. Thanks to being featured on Cute Overload, thousands from all over the world came to fawn over photos of little Rory Matthews and Chicky, his footballing alpaca. Rory himself even left comments on my footy site, Victoria Park. Incredible stuff.

Nick Barker got wise, Rex Hunt got exposed, Stevie Wonder got funky and Rale Rasic got emotional.

Yet more scrabble in July. This time things got a little steamier than usual in Rotorua when a friendly scrabs game degenerates to murder. Best bit of the story I reckon was my headline, 'It's Your Word Against Mine' Says Baseball Bat Scrabble Killer.

And it was in July when I prescribed Nicknaming's Golden Rules. Essential reading.

In August there was that awful war happening in Lebanon, Fidel Castro got real sick and the first elections were conducted in the Democratic Republic of Congo. But just like the Herald Sun, I ignored all that and instead watched every step in Chris Tarrant's sad demise.

Also in August, a bogue gentleman in Albury flipped his ute and kept driving, a nice lady punched another nice lady, a courageous reporter girl went wild, I bought a Nagina brand spice rack and wondered about Bill Grainger's mysteriously reducing hairline.

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