Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Most Newspaper Websites' Blogs Suck

In his tedious blog piece on depression, When Depression is a Choice, The Age website's Sam De Brito introduces us to the "trendy depressive".

The Age's renovation expert, Alex May reckons:
"The real difference between men and women when it comes to home improvement is this: men think all big, ugly and obtrusive things should be on display - like the surfboard in the photograph above. Women think that everything else should be put in a cupboard. Or the garage. Or a self-storage cubicle 15km away."
And health blogger, Terry Robson tells both his readers about a US study which found that women "dress to impress" when ovulating.

His quip?
"Dare we say it, they dress for sex-cess."
These "bloggers" (and many many more) get paid for this.


Alison said...

You & I (and many more) should be a lot richer, if only for not blogging when we know we've got nothing to say.

Anonymous said...
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