Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Eagles Aren't My Favorite Bird Of Prey: I Prefer The Kestral.

Here's a few highlights from brilliant WCE blogger, Corkintheocean's grand final wrap.
"As we walk through the city, we discuss the finer points of how to pronounce Tadhg. I think it's either "Ty" or "Tarrrrrgh", which sounds very piratical. The sister-in-law (who's Irish and once went out with a Tadhg back in Ireland) says it's "Tyg". My brother says it's pronounced "cunt". This pronunciation is accepted by a 2-1 majority vote.

I'm surprised to discover that Irene Cara is still alive. And how much I hate Australian Idol. The missus texts from Perth to ask if she really saw Brian Mannix just then. I'm afraid so, love.

The last ten minutes were a blur. I recall a great Armstrong goal, a brilliant Chick smother and HuntAAA goal, and an arsey O’Keefe effort to bring the margin back to a point, but that’s about it. The clock hits 30min, someone says there’s under a minute left. I’m chewing sizeable wads of paper out of the top of my $13 AFL Record. My brother tells me after the game that at this point, he was seriously fighting the urge to throw up."

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