Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Anvil Workers Face Prosecution Over War Crimes

You may remember my postings (here and here) about West Australian mining company, Anvil's connection to a massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Great news. According to Reuters:
A Congolese military court has called for three former employees of Australian mining company Anvil Mining to be tried for complicity in war crimes committed by government soldiers in 2004.

A court document, seen by Reuters, calls for the men to stand trial for facilitating crimes, including summary executions, rape and looting, alleged to have been committed by nine Congolese soldiers when they put down a small rebellion in Katanga province.

Anvil runs a nearby silver and copper mine and the company's trucks and airplanes were used by the army during the operation.
I hope this speeds up the Federal Police's Anvil investigation.

Here's some links.

The Four Corners' report, The Kilwa Incident first revealed Anvil's role in the massacre.

The NGO which employed Slater & Gordon to go after Anvil in Australia, Rights & Accountablity in Development (RAID) have a really good summary of what's happened since the Four Corners report.

A brief summary can be found at US legal news blog, Jurist.

Anvil have a website.

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