Thursday, September 28, 2006

I Can't Take No More

Irene Cara is singing her 80's hit, What A Feeling at the Grand Final.

Doesn't she look like Adam Goodes in this photo?


Nina said...

I had a barbie with that exact outfit. I think she was called 'Hawaiian SlutFun Barbie'. She had a switch on her back that made her run her permanently bent arms move so her hands ran through her hair. I suspect if you turn this lady around you'll discover the same creepy switch. Someone had better warn her to not have a bath, it won't work after water gets in there.

Glenn said...

What? Barbies have clothes?

On a similar theme, don't miss Footy Chicks on SBS at 10pm tonight. Here's what Cameron Adams said about it in today's Herald Sun.

Eye opening and jaw dropping documentary about that certain type of woman - some would say skank - who stalks footballers purely for sex. They shamelessly talk of how they regard any other men as just "skinny wimps". Then there are anecdotes from the footballers about these women in, er, action.

Watch for a psychologist who explains that footballers are accustomed to using their bodies as one, hence "gourp sex is not so strange".

Glenn said...

"gourp sex is not so strange"


Glenn said...

Gourp: a person who smells everything they find, in search of the perfect sickening smell

That dude should be known as the Gourpion King, because only a true gourp would sniff the dogg's ass.