Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What Do You Really Really Want?

I get annoyed with job ads wanting three people in one applicant.

Like this:

Skilled Headline Writer
Must be experienced journalist.
Skilled Headline Writer Must know Quark intimately.
Be acquainted with Photoshop.
Have keyboard speed of 60+ wpm.
Be super proficient with Apple platform.

What is it you really want? A good journalist, subeditor or a graphic artist? Or do you want an editorial assistant to type down dictation?

And when the employer hints at so many roles in one position you can only expect them to be tight arses who will pay their employees bugger all.

No wonder this employer seems to have a similar ad in Seek every couple of weeks.

A journalist who knows Quark intimately?



Ben said...

You have to apply for this job and then put the heat on this idiot in an interview. For more about these clowns, check out these links.

If you go through without I can't wait to read the fall-out. Anyone else feel free to take up the challenge

Glenn said...


Just as I suspected. Tight arsed and dodgy as all get up.

Reminds me of another nasty outfit I once worked for who ran a paper called Eastside Shopping News.

The "journalist" job was to write advertorials but quickly became working as some sort of stand over man, asking local businesses for money for ads they never bought from a paper they never heard of.

Lasted two days and spent the next few weeks trying to get paid. Not a cent. Days later when I went to the office I was interviewed in, the place was cleared. Phoned them and things got really nasty and threatening.

Years later they put out a newspaper I picked up at my local servo dedicated to accusing a local policeman as a peodophile.

Now I think they publish one of those Indian newspapers you read in Singhs while you're waiting for you vindaloo.

Don't know if I could go through another ordeal like that.

Thanks Ben!