Sunday, April 30, 2006

NAB Advertise On Pirate Download Site

I'm told the best place to find pirated music, software, movies and TV shows on the net is Mininova. I wouldn't know if it's true because downloading stuff is naughty and illegal.

So I'm checking out Mininova for 'research' and what do I see? A big, fat NAB sidebar and smaller topbar advertisement, talking up a new credit card. Here's the link the ad points to.

Needless to say, the nuff nuff who placed the ad with the, I think US based, bit torrent site will have themselves an unpleasant couple of days at the office when a bigger site like Crikey find out about this.

Either that or the NAB fully condone and encourage music and software piracy.


Nina said...

NAB employees can't discover that the ad's on the naughty site because it's too naughty to see from work. So our Internet Police are effectively protecting the revenue of an illegal download site.
I'd send a link to someone important, but they can't see it anyway.

Glenn said...

Nice one, Nina!