Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Nightwatchman Awards The Best Of 2005

Best Albums
1 Antony And The Jonsons, I Am A Bird Now
2 Bob Dylan, Bootlegs 7
3 Martha Wainwright, Self Titled
4 Sufjan Stevens, Come On Feel The Illinois
5 Dirty Three, Cinder

Best Song
by My Morning Jacket. Sure, it came out in 2003 but I came to know, love and play it to death in 2005.

Best Show
Rufus Wainwright at Manchester Lane.

Best Book
Dead Europe by Christos Tsiolkas.

Best TV Show
100 Center Street

Best Film
The Anchorman

Best International Website/Blog
Boing Boing

Best Australian Website/Blog
Corkintheocean. Piss-funny, even if it is dedicated to one of the most annoying footy teams in the AFL.

Person Of The Year
Keanu Reeves


Ramona said...

Can we also have Best Film? Best Meal? Best Sporting Event?

ps greetings and salutations for the new year

Alison said...

Are you sure about your Best Film choice...? Do you not have any redeeming runn-ups?

Glenn said...

And happy New Year to youse, Ramona and Alison!

As 2005 was the year I became a new single (after a real long stint), I didn't go out to see too many movies.

As a big fan of FX Toole's Rope Burns, the short story collection the film was based on, I really liked Million Dollar Baby.

The Propositon was lotsa Aussie Spag Bog Western fun too but really, The Anchorman was the funniest thing I've seen since A Mighty Wind. I've watched it on DaViD so many times.

The aftermath to the street fight scene is genius.

Comedy doesn't get enough respect. I agree with William Goldman when he argued Something About Mary was robbed when it wasn't nominated for a best film Oscar.

Have a listen to Ebert and Roeper's latest podcast where Roger Ebert argues for some nominations for The 40 Year Virgin.

How good is Steve Carroll?

What was that? The Anchorman was 2004? Well, you don't come to The Nightwatchman for the facts.

More best ofs coming in a day or two....

Glenn said...

Your faves?

Anonymous said...

best film without doubt was Murderball. I love a good sports film and this doco about the US wheelchair rugby team was hot stuff. five stars from me.
PS Anchorman was piss funny.

Alison said...

Ok, I will do my best to see Anchorman (yes, I am THE best navigator without a license) and I should bite my tongue more often: I've watch Pirates of the Carribean a lot, for god's sake, but then its pretty, easy and cute x2.
I'm a bit of a floozy when it comes to movies: I have one's that I loved and am too scared to watch again, like Requiem for a Dream (I cried AFTER the film :| ). And others I wish I had the energy to watch again, like Waking Life (must watch while straight).
I liked and music, performances and p'graphy of The Proposition very much.
Did Kill Bill Vol 2 come out this year? That was good.
I can easily say Wolfmother for CDs - I never even liked that style when it was contemporary and I can't help now but love it.

Alison said...

Speaking of movies, will you watch Brokeback Mountain
a) becuase you think it looks promising?
b) to stick it up the U.S. ultra-conservative types who can't cope with a movie in their state?
c) becuase you're a leftie arts student and even if it looks like crap you won't be called a bigot dammit?
d) Not see it, even if you want to, becuase you won't be subject to reverse-reverse psychology? or
e) becuase you have a crush on the two male leads.

I, myself, will be voting with option b.
And a little from option a.
And some option e.

carneagles said...

Gosh, I've only just discovered my award. Cheers for that.

Glenn said...

Well, it's not as good as a flag....