Friday, January 20, 2006

Get A Job To Stir Your World

Friends and regular readers may already be familiar with the stuff I've done over the past couple of years, helping create World Vision's new youth thingy called Stir.

Well, the website is now chock full of stuff on how young people...heck, all people... can make a difference, a political difference (not just donating blindly to charity and stuff) to this sick old world we're lumped with.

One brillo part of the website is Stirring Careers. In one of the best bits of clear writing I've seen him do, hipster World Vision staffer, Adam Valvasori shows you how to move into a career which "rewards you with more than just money."

He tells us what sort of education or field experience you need to work in 'the field' or apply for any of the incredible aid jobs advertised on Reuter's Alertnet website.

There's also a bit where Adam interviews quite a few of World Vision's people who work in some of the world's hardest countries on what they do and what they did to get their highly sought after jobs.

Another great bit is Stir's Graduation Pledge. Based on a similar Stanford University project, the Graduation Pledge is a promise graduates can take to:
"To explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organisations for which I work."
As I've said previous, this is reasonable promise, not an unrealistic ban on ever taking jobs at a dodgy company, instead encouragement for us to think a little more about the place we may have no other choice to work at.

To think, I was supposed to write this part of the Stir website. That dang Valvasori did a much better job on it than I was ever going to do.

Well done, Adam.


Ads said...

Shucks Glenn!

it's just great to see our hideously grotesque yet strangely compelling brain child take root.

And that poses the question: Can brainchildren take root?


Glenn said...

I'm sure they can.

Best they only take the roots and not indulge in them.

Cos that would only get ugly.

Ads said...

When I'm On The Net, I Choose To Stay At...

where's stir?

Glenn said...

Silly me. It's on now.