Friday, December 02, 2005

Okkervil River: They're So Hot Right Now

Two foriegn bands played in Melbourne last night. One is the best touring, live rock'n'roll band in the world right now.

The other is Oasis.

With three or four encores (I lost count, delirious) Okkervil River were incredible at Ding Dong last night. Don't dare miss 'em.

Oh yeah front bloke, Will Sheff is doing an acoustic thing at the Old Bar next week.

Here's a piss-funny/beautiful bit of the band bio written by Sheff on Okkervil River's lovely lookin' website...
I sat in the woods for hours. I listened to nothing but the Incredible String Band for a whole year. I became convinced the world would end in 1995. I became unconvinced of that. Seth said one day the world would shake us all like dog water. He later got arrested for drawing a stick figure picture of a bankrobbery in Mascoma Savings, but was released because he promised to take lessons with the police sketch artist. It felt like nobody had ever been alive before. Friends around us sank into delirium. My father asked that the school not expel me as a personal favor. Meanwhile we were making masks and holding secret ceremonies and trying to chase God out from beind the houseplants, beautiful and just as pretentious as we. And we played music under a thousand different band names.

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