Thursday, November 10, 2005

What Anton Newcomb Did On Thursday October 13th

I can't get enough of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton Newcomb's blog thingy.

Here's Newcombe's reply to a bloke who asked if he had anything better to do than cut n' paste news stories about George Bush all day and night.
i wrote 3 songs today fuckwad.
i also walked in the rain to buy a slow cooker so my son could have warm soup.
i also set up a new record deal for japan.
i also worked on solving this problem with people stealing gear,paid off debts,bought socks,took good friends out to drinks,shoped for food,went to the doctor to correct a hurt neck...oh you fucking little shit!i rebuke thee vile e-mail satan!

i can multitask cunt.
All of Brian Jonestown Massacre's records can be downloaded free from their official website.


Glenn said...

And thanks to the couple of readers who pointed out I spelled Anton Newcombe's name incorrectly in the title to this piece.

Drake said...

Glenn hey,
I'm not much of a blogger I guess being that I have never posted or viewed a blog before.

So here's my deal, I trying to find and create a dialogue with Anton Newcombe from the BJTM.

Any suggestions maybe you can give me a few tips
on this blogging thing.


drake andrew-