Friday, November 18, 2005

Uruguay Down And Now For The World Scrabble Championships

Australia has two players in the top ten after eight rounds of the World Scrabble Championships in London. Melbourne Scrabble Club's (my club!) Andrew Fisher is coming fifth and would be coming second if he didn't lose to clubmate, Naween Fernando who's coming 13th.

At scrabble club I've played many games against Andrew and only once come within 20 points of him. I've played Naween only twice and he beat me by around 60 points each time. Andrew has taught me quite a lot about Scrabble and is a top bloke. I really hope he wins this.

Another Melbourne based player, wunderkind 16 year-old, David Eldar's tall poppy's been cut in his first World Championship. He's coming 74th.

Game highlights, transcripts, commentaries and a webcam can be seen at the World Scrabble Championships website.

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