Friday, November 04, 2005

Thanks Again Mr Go Between!

As I've said before, The Go Betweens' Robert Forster is the best music critic I've read in years. It's worth buying The Monthly just for his record reviews.

This is from his current review of the new Rolling Stones album:
And just as importantly, who is going to record them?

That's another obstacle - the clash between Keith's "are you sure Otis Redding did it this way?" and Mick's "let's get adventurous and bring in The Dust Bothers " approaches. The outcome has invariably been a safe pair of hands at the control board, such as LA journeyman Don Was, to placate them both, when what the Stones really need is a good producer.

God, do they need a good producer. They need someone to limit Keith to two guitar tracks per song, someone to stare down Jagger when he does his "girl-you-put-the-scratches-on-my-back" gibberish, someone to mike Charlie Watt's s drums properly. They need someone who will look at the band and say: "You're the Rolling Stones. You don't have to follow anyone."

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Glenn said...

Last night I was catching up with a mate who's been travelling the world for the past couple years as a ski instructer.

Recently one of his students was noneother than Don Was. Don was (couldn't resist) a good student who would often take phone calls from Keith Richard mid lesson.