Monday, November 07, 2005

Local Shops Replaced By Activity Centre And Entertainment Precinct By Dweeb Councillor

Friends and longtime readers of this site would know of my hassles of being Glenn from Glen Waverley and that I went to Glen Waverley High School, the school adjacent to The Glen shopping centre.

Today I was sent an electioneering letter from local councillor, ex-Glen Waverley High student and dweeb, Cr Geoff Lake (pictured above) containing this illuminating paragraph entitled, A Vibrant Glen Waverley Central For Everyone:
"Geoff has played a key role in driving the dramatic development of the Glen Waverley Activity Centre into the dynamic and bustling retail, restaurant and entertainment precinct it is today. He is passionate about seeing it develop further and offer something for all ages."
You read it right. The Glen is not called The Glen anymore. According to Cr Lake, it shall be now known as the GLEN WAVERLEY ACTIVITY CENTRE.

Well, fuck me.

Oh yeah, I must be getting known for my Glenn from Glen Waverley schtick because I noticed someone came here by doing a Google search for "Glen Peters Glen Waverley" a couple of days ago.

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