Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm A Large Sphincter Nerd

Just worked out these anagrams using a program called Anagram Genius. Some of these are accurate and others, downright spooky. I've no comment on the first.

Glenn Richard Peters anagrams to I'm A Large Sphincter Nerd.

Jeffrey Roderick Samin anagrams to Major If Fiery Rednecks.

Paul McGarry anagrams to Crap! Ugly arm.

Myf Warhurst anagrams to Wry Farts Hum.

John Winston Howard anagrams to Join Harsh Downtown.

George Bush anagrams to 'O, He Buggers!'

Whitney Houston anagrams to 'Shut It Now, Honey!'

Wayne Carey anagrams to A Racy Weeny.

Dolly Parton anagrams to Dynatrollop.

Kylie Minogue anagrams to 'I Like Guy On Me.'

Rod Stewart anagrams to Worst Dater.

Paul McCartney anagrams to Pay Mr Clean Cut.

The Beatles anagrams to Let Hates Be.

And my favorite.... Brian Wilson anagrams to Slow In Brain.


Loutishly OK anywhere said...

Leave Dolly out of this!

Glenn said...

But wait there's more.

The Australian singer and actress Kylie Minogue = Great arse, dismal talent, you shrieking nuisance!

Kylie Minogue has got breast cancer = Aye, make bigshot singer cancel tour.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes = Made emotional shrieks. CUT!

The singer Bob Marley = "Gorblimey! Neat herbs!"

from http://www.anagrammy.com/