Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Phew, Alex Chilton's Okay

From the Posies/Big Star forum:
I talked to a sibling of Alex today on the phone, and she too heard from him last night on the phone and tells me he is officially safe. She said she has "no details" about the coast guard being involved..

If he did get rescued by the Coast Guard, I'm glad because I called the coast guard's St. Louis national line twice starting Tuesday night to report his address (checking back Wed.), wrote a coast guard Homeport online report friday & got a case number, and saturday called the state police to check his house again.

However I have no information that leads me to think that my doing this caused him to get found because for all I know he was ok and just chose to go to the coast guard on his own. If I did help him, then great. It is horrible to think that they waited several days to get to his house when they told me Wed. they likely checked his house within hours of my first phone call. But maybe that is not the case since I have no details on the coast guard aspect of this at all and can't confirm that part that some are reporting to people about a rescue yesterday, but I hear it may be true.

One other little notation about the Coast Guard. When I phoned them at the St. Louis national center number on Tuesday night, the guy answering told me he knew alex's name and he mentioned the Replacements song.

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