Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Antony Obvious Winner Of Mercury Prize

Why wouldn't Antony and the Johnsons win this year's Mercury and Chris Bailey lookalike prizes. As I gushed earlier, I Am A Girl Now is a "very dramatic, very gay" masterpiece.

But watch it. Antony's record is so good, it can stuff up your Ipod.

To win, Antony beat pedestrian acts like Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay and The Magic Numbers and according to the BBC, was apologetic about his triumph. "I am completely overwhelmed," he admitted. "I think it's insane, kind of a crazy contest between an orange, a space ship and a potted plant. Which one did you like better?"

More like a contest between a lemon, some space junk and a bunch of weeds.

BBC NEWS: Antony and Johnsons win Mercury
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