Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mobile Call Centre Road Deaths Link

Instead of running their own call centre or outsourcing to India, Onroad's telemarketers call Australian households while driving through the sunny streets of Brisbane.

Onroad has been linked to 17 fatal road accidents so far this year.

Despite pressure from authorities, Company Director, Mark Turner stands by running their call centres from employees' cars. “Our company is a world leader in mobile innovation. In Australia it is legal to drive and use a 'hands-free' mobile phone.”

“We are committed to safety and if any of our employees are caught using a non hands-free phone, they face immediate dismissal.”

When pressed on the 17 fatalities Turner argued, “Not one of the coronial inquests involved any of our employees. They were infact, private contractors, canvassing on our behalf, therefore they really have nothing to do with us.”

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