Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Folks Are Dumb Where I Come From

New site, FolkLikeMe is a promising idea- a career/knowlege based dating agency webthingy where you peddle and share your knowledge, skills and interests.

The site reckons all kinds of people will hang out there like:
"an intellectual in Idaho writing a PHD; a coal mine manager in Australia ; a student of Taoism in Hong Kong or a telecommunications consultant in Malaysia." And that "each is an unique individual, and looking for someone with that same uniqueness; not to share an intimate dinner for two, or to find a job, or rent an appartment - but something inherently more potent: knowledge."
More spiel:
"FolkLikeMe is an online place where birds of a feather flock together. A place for thinkers as well as doers. A place where like minded people can find each other, interact, learn and share knowledge and skills. FolkLikeMe is a social networking service, modelled after the online dating model, but more interested in matching people's minds than bodies."
Nice and all but I suspect the place like many others who've tried similar, is going to be filled with helvetica-obsessed graphic design graduates like anaesthesiac, who says on his profile:
"Music keeps me alive and graphic design keeps me sane. The world is a fractal environment. Every brick, leaf and person contains infinite detail. Every sound contains more meaning than we can imagine. The deeper we delve, the more we find. I want to see it all before I leave."
Or Novaman88, who reckons:
"I'm into creativity of all types.Initially trained in the vis. arts. I actually went on to become an artist. It was easy to go from that into writing and recoding music. Later I studied English/ philosophy at uni. and found that all similar subjects relate.I'm thus a creative philosopher."
And Jam Girl:
"I live with enthusiasm and curiousity, I paint with dedication and relish, I cook (vegetarian cuisine) with abandon and flair. I'm looking to improve my employment network and add to my already excellent circle of friends. I love an informed discussion, and a good laugh."
Shouldn't she be using the "flair" in her painting and "relish" in her cooking? And how about Novaman88? "I'm thus a creative philosopher." Oh dear. Maybe instead they should have called the site, PeopleLikeUs. - Matching Brains, Not Bodies

This post originally appeared on my careers blog, But I Want An Interesting Job

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