Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bugger It, It's The Budget

Nice summary of Costello's budget from the daily Crikey email bulletin.
"The plasma TV has become a symbol of our current prosperity. They look good. Sleek, elegant, functional and modern. In truth, they’re heavy, hard to hang, chew up power and the pictures get burnt in. That makes it a perfect symbol of this Budget, too. You feel modern and well off with a plasma, and that’s how the Government would like us to feel. It’s how the Prime Minister and the Treasurer want the great mass of middle Australia to be."
Now you can get Crikey's daily bulletins as a free trial. After a couple of weeks you pay them or they send you an abridged version. After two days, I've been very impressed with these bulletins, so much I might even fork out the cash for the full service. Yes, this is how free trials should work.

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