Friday, March 11, 2005

Ba-Katia's World

Yay! I was fiddlin' about looking at techno pages and found long lost friend and really the funniest person I have ever met, Katia Zanutta, has her own website. Katia used to edit Melbourne's Zebra Magazine when I was editing at Inpress. Now she lives in a place called Hove in East Sussex, UK.

Our desks were next to each other and we spent the entire days yelling at each other and everyone else in the office. All in good fun, of course. She would only quiet and polite herself to bits when one of her freak writers, photographers or record company reps came in to deliver their guff.

As soon as they leave, she would scream out in pain like an angry extremist. "HOW DISTURBING!"

Katia Zanutta. Genius.
Katia's World

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