Friday, February 04, 2005

Political Materials "Dangerous"

A golfer yesterday, originally uploaded by glennpeters.

Just got back from watching the Heineken Golf Classic at Royal Melbourne (Australia). The disclaimer on the back of the ticket is incredible.

"You cannot bring the following items into the venue: weapons, flares; fireworks; explosives; smoke bombs; illegal substances; alcohol; poles; step ladders; musical instruments; horns; banners; flags; animals (except for official guide dogs); signs; balls; frisbees; any politcal, religious or race related materials; or any other dangerous items."

So there you go. Protest against Australia's shabby treatment of its nationals in Guantanamo Bay, our abhorrent refugee policy or even the scourge of slow-playing golfers and security will throw you out of the golf course.

As far as "religious or race related materials" goes, would that include the wearing of a turban?

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