Monday, January 24, 2005

Please Sir, Help Me With This Splinter.

Enough said.

Friday, January 21, 2005

How to Cheat the Casino

Stay home.

Blow the place up.

Throw your money at ducks.


"Casinos across the South have caught several crews using light-wands against the region's slots but the casino industry refuses to take the threat seriously. Despite a handful of arrests, several adept crews continue to operate quite profitably."

Richard Marcus is a "professional" (?) casino cheat. His webdiary is almost the only interesting casino related website on the internet.

True dinks.

He wrote the book, American Roulette: How I Turned the Odds Upside Down-My Wild 25 Year Ride Ripping Off the World's Casinos.

Incredible TV Performance

Rarely do you see and hear a band so beautifully as And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead on Letterman tonight. I'm stunned. Life changing? Perhaps.

Lucky you can download a torrent of the performance here, via the band's official archive site.

Do it now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fab Lunchbreak Reading

When you've finished reading my fascinating guff, work your way down to the bottom of this page for a bunch of super culture stories from mags like Time, Reason and The Smithsonian.

The stories are constantly updated by Magportal and cover real interesting stuff.

Now there's links to stories about fashion of the 1590's, Saudi novelists, gaudy Russian architecture and Iranian culture's "unhealthy emphasis on death and martyrdom and defiance of outsiders."

Monday, January 17, 2005

Mick's New Ice Cream Flavour

Mick's New Icecream Flavour, originally uploaded by glennpeters.

"It tastes a bit leathery," the Collingwood Football Club Coach told The Nightwatchman.

Original image from the Collingwood Football Club website.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

You Can Can Be A Can Can Dancer!

From my other site, But I Want An Interesting Job.

Flicking through The Age, I find this beauty. The legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris is auditioning “Tall Dancers.” If you are a boy who is at least 185cm/6’1”or a girl at the 175cm/5’8” and you can dance godammit, prove it to the Moulin Rouge’s ballet mistress, Miss Janet Pharaoh.

The audition, conducted by the Moulin Rouge’s ballet mistress, Miss Janet Pharaoh will take place on Monday 24th January at Dance Factory, 442-446 Church St, Richmond.

Impress the mistress and you will be off to Paris to perform in the Moulin Rouge’s brand spanking show, FĂ©erie'. If you don’t get in, at least take photos and send them over here to

Moulin Rouge website.
Learn to dance.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Office Space, The Lego Edition

cubicles, originally uploaded by glennpeters.

This looks a hell of a lot like the office in my all time fave Jennifer Aniston movie, Office Space

Photo and divine inspiration from Boing Boing.
Manufacturer's website.

Real Restaurant Recipe #1

This is a tasty breakfast dish I picked up from Seville’s cult bistro, El Canario Deslizadizo. Thanks Pedro for letting me publish. I owe you one. Come to think of it, I think you owe me a couple more. Nurse!?

Pedro’s Dirty Chorizo Omlette
Serves one bastardo gordo.

1 chorizo sausage
1 big anchovy or sardine
3 eggs
1 handful of fresh and chopped parsley
red wine vinegar
olive oil
salt & pepper
1 Ween, Chocolate & Cheese album
1 slice of bread (for toast)

Heat pan. Turn on Ween record and return to kitchen. Slice chorizo sausage thick and put into hot, oiled pan. Lightly beat eggs with some of that parsley. Don’t toss too much or you’ll go blind. When Ween start Can’t Put My Finger On It, its time to add a big splash of red wine vinegar and the anchovy or sardine. And when the song finishes add the egg mix and put the toast on. When the toast pops up, hassle the omelette a bit with a blunt implement and then serve on top the toast. Sprinkle more parsley, salt and pepper and put it on a table ready to eat. Go to the record player, switch to Buenas Tardes Amigo and enjoy Pedro’s Dirty Chorizo Omlette!

For ‘clean’ version, omit the fish bits.

Real Restaurant Recipe #1

Friday, January 07, 2005

Interesting Jobs

But I Want an Interesting Job is my new web thingy reviewing some of the more interesting jobs out there on the internet. I'm going to find the strangest, most wonderful job vacancies on the web and the first reader to get a job listed on this site will win a bank cheque for exactly....wait for it...AUD$1.00!!

Sofar you can apply to be a peacebuilder in Sudan or the lucky person who looks after the lab rats at CSIRO's Sydndey based, Molecular Science Laboratory.

I got the idea for this blog a when writing some stuff for World Vision Australia (Yes, keep sending all aid agencies money and more importantly, nag your local politician to spend more on aid). The job vacancies on their internal website are incredible. The first time I looked at it, they were after somebody to work in Sudan as a government lobbyist. Later in my research I found job advertisements on a "business risk consultancy" website for interrogators to work in Iraq. This was only a couple of weeks before the Abu Gharib scandal.

I don't get paid by any employment agencies for But I Want an Interesting Job. I will, however, get paid almost $0.01 if you click on one of the Google ads running on the site. I get that here too, so click away kids! You know you want to give me cents/sense.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Zoinks! Potatoe Typo!

I use a nifty little freeware (but not for long?!) program called MacJournal to write all this stuff. It's a real good program for writing simple text and keeping your writing organised. While it does have a neato spellcheck, like many other text editors, MacJournal doesn't auto-correct common typos. I like typing with me eyes shut and can never be bothered proofing, so this was giving me the dardits until I found the wonderful Spell Catcher. Spell Catcher is a auto-correcting wizard which plugs into many, if not all text editors, chat clients etc on Mac and PC. I might start using it with BBedit too.

If you're like me and you have a thing for text editors, notepads and getting organised, check out text.editor.addicts.txt or the superb 43 Folders. More on 43 Folders later.

My Cousin

Tyson Clugg is my cousin. He runs his own family website. If you look hard you will probably find a photo of me somewhere in there. Whoopee! He works at CSIRO, is the treasurer of Melbourne Wireless and is a red dog. Why am I telling you this? Because he links to this site, that's why.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Readers, Meet Hall

Hall's a bloke I'm working on...

Hall was stuck holding the Totem Pole. The pole faces were stern but kitsch. Not hip kitsch. More hop kotsch, screaming, playful Martin Denny camp and as dangerous as a street juggler's autistic minder.
"You're either with us or against us!" cried the pole faces.
"What? You want me to join you freaks?"
"You must. You're one of us."
Hank Williams' Kawliga and Tennessee Williams' Mitch squeezed to give Hall some room.
Hall, confused, refused.